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"We specialize in custom, artistic, web design that illustrates your business for your prospective customers"

     If you want your website to truly reflect you business, why pay someone to build your website when they've never been to your business? Our approach to web design is personalized and artistic. G.A. Johnson will spend time with you in person, photograph your business, and understand your goals before beginning the web design process.
     Once your site has been created we will assist you in setting up a google places page, and list your website on ( a small business directory). We will show you how to take charge of your own internet marketing, through services such as google adsense, so you don't get over charged by internet marketing scam companies.
     There are ton's of internet marketing companies claiming to put you at the top of the search results, for a large monthly fee. The truth is that these guys are overcharging you for services you can get on your own. However, your best chance at getting the search results you want on search engines is having good content and keeping your customers on your website for more than a few seconds. A good website takes three-to-six months to build a report with search engines. If someone promises you overnight results, be weary.
     Don't trust your website to someone you'll never meet in person. We will look you in the eye, shake your hand, and help guide your business into the world wide web. Consultations are free. Give us a call or e-mail us for an appointment.
     We let our work speak for its self, take a look at some of these recent customers!

     Your website, like your business, should standout from the crowd. We can help you!

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